Feline Natural Chicken and Grass-Fed Lamb Feast (3 oz)

Feline Natural Chicken and Grass-Fed Lamb Feast (3 oz)

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Feline Natural Chicken and Grass-Fed Lamb Feast is a premium canned cat food that provides over 80% moisture in each can which supports hydration. Feline Natural cans are the perfect balanced diet or ideal nutrient rich high meat boost to add to your cats existing diet. Cats fed dry food diets take in just half the moisture of a cat eating canned food.

These cans are free from all gelling agents, the only thing add is natural fresh New Zealand water. Simply pop the top and drop the contents out with ease and no mess.

99% Cage Free Chicken & Free Range Grass-Fed Meat
0% Grain, Gluten, GMO ingredients, Corn, Soy, Dairy, Rice, Cereals, Potato or other Gelling Agents or Fillers
No meat by products, artificial preservatives, colours or flavours.

Ingredients: Chicken, Lamb Heart, Lamb Kidney, Lamb Liver, Lamb Blood, Flaxseed Flakes, New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel, Dried Kelp, Vitamin E Supplement, Zinc Proteinate, Canola Oil, Manganese Proteinate, Thiamine Mononitrate, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Folic Acid. Water added for processing.

Minimum Crude Protein 6.8%
Minimum Crude Fat 4.4%
Maximum Crude Fibre 0.03%
Maximum Moisture 82.3%
Minimum Taurine 0.22%

620 kcal/kg, 53 kcal/85g can
620 kcal/kg, 105 kcal/170g can
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