Aime Cat Air Dried Turkey and Salmon (14 oz)

Aime Cat Air Dried Turkey and Salmon (14 oz)

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We produced the Aimé Kitchen™ Air Dried Food to put a new spin on raw cat food. Now your cat can have the amazing taste and nutritional profile of raw but you can have the convenience of dry! We differentiate our air-dried cat food from the market with our PHD Formulated Oral Health formula and premium ingredients.

Oral Health Formula

The PHD formulated Oral Health recipe is a first of its kind formulation, designed to transform our pets’ health from the inside out. This formula improves the entire microbiome of the oral cavity and digestive tract, which leads to cleaner teeth, fresher breath and a healthier digestive system with better nutritional absorption. With improved oral and gut health, organ and tissue damage can be prevented.

Our three-pronged approach to oral health starts with our inclusion of natural zeolites, an amazing volcanic ingredient that absorbs the bad bacteria in the oral cavity that causes tartar and plaque. Additionally, we add natural astaxanthin, an amazing ingredient that to delivers an immunity boost and provides anti-inflammatory support. Lastly, our recipe is loaded with rich, fibrous ingredients that help to promote saliva production, a key factor in optimal oral health.

Kitchen Notes

Human grade ingredients
Natural zeolites
Natural astaxanthin
Ethically sourced meats
Oral health support

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