Perfetto Peterbald

NO shipping charges for pick-ups OR orders over $150

Food we recommend (Tested in our cattery)

Perfetto Peterbald quality

The Peterbald CAT is a rare, exotic and family oriented


Choose a Perfetto Peterbald cat? 

We are a family oriented cattery,  dedicated in providing all cats and kittens in our care hours of attention.  We ensure our cats are socialized to fit into any family environment.  We work towards ensuring our kittens always find their forever homes.

All Females are tested prior to having a litter.  

We only have one litter per female per year.

We believe in early retirement, so all our cats are retired by the time they are 3 years old ensuring that they get the best out of life.

We follow high protocols for nutrition, overall health and general well being of our cats.

We encourage families to get to know us better before buying a kitten.

Your Kitten comes with

- Contract

- Vaccination x 2

- Dewormed x 2

- Sterilization

- Vaccine booklet

- Microchipped

- Copy of both Parent Pedigree

- Copy of registration to TICA

- Kibble departure kit

- toy

- blanket

and continuous support throughout the kittens life.

Always there for you

We invite all families to join our Facebook page as well as our specialized P3 Peterbald of Quebec group.  

Adopting a Peterbald from us means you are part of our family.

We love seeing how our cats coats evolve.

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